1. What are your hours of operation/when are you open?

Our hours of operation can be found by clicking on the "Hours of Operation and Refund Policy" tab at the top of this page, or clicking this link: https://historichawesfarm.com/pages/hours-of-operation

If you can't find a ticket on the day that you want for a certain activity, that means we do not do that activity on that day.

2. Is my general admission included in my haunt ticket or do i have to pay general admission too?

Purchase of your haunt ticket includes your general admission, as explained in the ticket description found here: https://historichawesfarm.com/collections/all/products/screaming-haunt-pass

3. Are the ticket prices per person or does my purchase of _______ ticket include me and my family/kid?

Tickets must be purchased for each individual person. There are no group, senior, or military discounts. Only ages 2 and under get in free.

4. the county is about to go into red/ purple tier, will you still be open? What all is open?

Regardless of what tier we go into or what county restrictions are in place we will still be open. The only things that are not open are the roller coaster and playground. Otherwise it's business as usual. What is included with each ticket is described in the ticket description for example https://historichawesfarm.com/collections/all/products/general-admission-ticket

5. can the haunts be sold separately? what if i just want to do the corn maze or zombie shooting?

Haunts are not sold separately, they must be bought as a package deal of 4. This is explained as well as more detailed description of haunts here: https://historichawesfarm.com/pages/haunt-descriptions

6.Can i only buy tickets online or can i buy them when i get there? Can i buy gulch scripts online?

While we highly prefer you to buy your tickets online so that we can anticipate capacity numbers, you can purchase tickets when you get to the farm. Gulch Scripts can only be purchased when you get to the farm and are not available for purchase online as explained here https://historichawesfarm.com/pages/deals-and-scripts

7. Is there an age limit on haunts or rides?

    There is no age limit on haunts, you get decide what is best for your own kid. However go kart riders ages 12 and under require an adult to drive.

8. Do i have to pay for parking or is it free?

    Parking is free

9. Are you requiring masks?

    We cannot force/require our customers to wear masks. However we do recommend you wear a mask when a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained as a courtesy to your fellow farm-goers.

10. do you have a corn maze this year? 

  We did not plant our regular large corn maze this year. We only have the haunted corn maze which comes as a package deal with the 4 other haunts, as explained here https://historichawesfarm.com/collections/all/products/screaming-haunt-pass

11. do you have food/alcohol or can i bring my own? 

  Unfortunately our county would not cooperate to issue us our temporary alcohol permit this year so we do not have alcohol. We do however have food and beverage shacks and therefore do not allow any outside food or beverages. Find out more about food here https://historichawesfarm.com/pages/food

12. what does my ticket include?

  Each ticket under the "Buy Tickets" tab has a detailed description of what it includes when you click on the ticket.

If the ticket does not have something that it includes listed in the description, then that thing is not included. For example, does the general admission ticket include a pumpkin? No, as it is not included in the ticket description here: https://historichawesfarm.com/collections/all/products/general-admission-ticket 

Does the Mums and Pumpkins ticket include a pumpkin? Yes, as described in the ticket description found here: https://historichawesfarm.com/collections/all/products/mums-and-pumpkin


  No they are not. For liability purposes we cannot allow random dogs around the kids and families on our farm.

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