Hawes Haunts

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On October 4th, 1956, a bus driver who worked for the County Mental Hospital was transporting 40 mental patients and one guard to the state insane asylum, located in the small town of Midway. At twilight, the bus driver reported to authorities that he had crashed the vehicle due to an onboard disturbance and requested immediate aide.

The first responders who arrived on scene reported the bus was crashed head on into a large sign and all of the passengers had escaped. The bus driver, the guard, and the missing patients, were never found. Responders were cancelled and the investigation went cold.

The small town of Midway has since become an unpopular destination and several travelers have been reported to have vanished off the highway at twilight near the town. But searches to locate them have all been in vain.

Sixty-three years later, lore from the strange inhabitants of the town is that one of the inmates was able to break free from his bondage and unleash the band of psychos onto the town, overturning all law enforcement and plunging the town into perpetual anarchy. Will your visit to the town of Midway help restore order, or will you succumb to the madness just as all who came before you?